The Program

For the HMAS Sydney Memorial Weekend 2021

19th November: Live Stream Geraldton WA

A live stream of the 80th Anniversary Sydney II Memorial Service that is taking place in Geraldton will be live streamed to a number of venues in Denham.

Keep up to date with the Geraldton service by checking in here:  Geraldton Service

Live Stream

20th November – Memorial Concert

A fitting picnic style Memorial Concert featuring Aussie favourites, Johnny Young and the Strangers, The Troupadores and more, they will get your foot tapping with  songs from the 50’s ,60’s and 70’s

This is a free concert and will start at 3.30pm and conclude at 8.30pm


Memorial Concert 3.30pm-8.30pm
The Troupadores

  The Troupadores

21st November – Memorial March 7.30am – 8.30am

A Memorial March that is honouring all our past and present serving Officers at this milestone anniversary.

The RAN Reserve Band, WA will lead the Memorial March and everyone is invited to be part of this special march honouring the fallen 645 men.

Marchers will form up from 7.30am with a step off at 8am

Marchers congregate here

  Service by the Sea, The Final Chapter  8.45am – 9.15am

Join us in the Final Chapter, a fitting tribute to all of the fallen personnel.We will line up along the Denham Foreshore and be part of a small service conducted by the HMAS Sydney Association. 

Guest speakers include:CDRE Ivan Ingham, WGCDR Andrew Brandham, Chaplain Glenn Mercer, RSL President, Geraldton Branch, Barry Stinson and Sydney ( IV) Sailor, Adrian Burns.

HMAS Sydney II Crew

Visit: HMAS Sydney II Memorial Denham

A message from the Memorial Designers, Joan Walsh-Smith & Charles Smith.

The design for our concept in Denham was inspired by our experience at the commemoration ceremony for the finding of the Sydney during the 19th of November 2008 event in Geraldton.

We were captivated by the incredible outpouring of community spirit on this occasion, particularly the coming together of all members of the HMAS Sydney ‘family’ from all over Australia as well as the general public, at this commemoration.

We drew upon one particular event as the genesis of our concept for the Shark Bay Memorial. That was the experience of the families of the lost Sydney crew, who journeyed out to the wreck site and performed an extremely moving ceremony at sea. This involved casting poppies into the ocean and watch, as they sank slowly down through 5 kilometers of water, to find the resting place of their loved ones, far below. This vision became the birth of our concept for Denham, which provided also a very strong spiritual link with the Geraldton Memorial, the wreck site itself and Shark Bay. This was particularly powerful and emotionally evocative, as the relatives sailed to the wreck site from Geraldton and we were amongst those on shore when they returned, realising we were most privileged to be there, to gather their experiences at first hand.

As such we see these two memorials that we designed as being members of the great’ HMAS Sydney family’, connecting these two particular communities, as well as the greater community of Australia, spiritually and physically, to the symbolism involved in the images we have created for Denham: ethereally floating poppies sinking down through the sea, to mingle with the actual names of those lost so tragically. The 645 names seem to drift in the water, superimposed on the shadowy outline of the HMAS Sydney ship itself seen not as wreck but in all her former glory.

Smith Sculptors

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hmas sydney II memorial Denham
HMAS Sydney II Memorial Denham WA

Daily Tour:

Visit the Fire on the Water 3D Film and Exhibition

The 15 minute 3D film and accompanying exhibit tells the story of the battle between HMAS Sydney II and HSK Kormoran, tracing the events of this World War II Naval battle 200 kilometres off the coast of Shark Bay.

Astonishing deep-sea 3D imagery from the 2015 expeditions to the wreck sites, under taken by WA Museum, Curtin University and DOF Subsea have been used to create an interpretative timeline of the battle and to offer insights into what happened when the ships met off Shark Bay in 1941

The exhibit is permanent, free and screens every half hour during opening hours. 

Fire on the Water Exhibition

TEL: 1300 367 072

Fire on the Water